The Producer Program

The Producer Program is designed to be a 1-1 multi-day, in person, workshop.  I deliver the program at your location.  My focus is to deliver the most productive and focused learning experience and in the 2 ½ days we spend together, to provide you with the foundation for success.

“GIG Careers”

CNBC recently reported that in 2018, 3.4 million people were employed in a new job category segment called a “GIG Career”.  These were people that had transitioned from corporate careers, they had a variety of roles, many were in the sales, business development, customer support, and finance role.  These people had developed years of experience and expertise, primarily with the support of a corporate infrastructure.

Now these professionals were moving into a different kind of role, one with great freedom and opportunity butt less structure and support.  That’s why I created this program – to help implement a working structure to your business idea, to make it productive and to deliver results faster.  I believe I can help people achieve more, earn more, and navigate the uncertainty of starting a new business.

Accelerating Your Success As A Consultant and Advisor

The Producer Program is designed to help you accelerate the time it takes you to build your consulting services business and generate income.  Rather than piecemeal learning and experiencing costly mistakes associated with starting your business, the training is designed to be delivered as a focused and individual program and workshop.  The program is initially delivered in a 3-day workshop setting.

I deliver the program to you at your location.  I provide all the training materials and tools to jump start your business.    Once onsite training is complete, I continue to support you.

I do this because people starting their own business need a trusted advisor, an honest and constructive coach, and a supporter.

GrowthXceleration helps companies accelerate revenue and profit growth by analyzing and optimizing their direct and indirect revenue channels. The US Market requires local, proven, and analytic sales and business development expertise.  I operate as part of your team respecting your solution and your brand.

We help you quickly interpret the US market opportunity and develop sales campaigns and initiatives to capture and maximize new revenue opportunities. We then execute as you would expect a high-performance sales team would. We have developed tools and solutions to improve lead generation, close rates, up-sell and cross-sell programs, improved renewal rates, etc. We identify the specific improvement areas and drive performance every day. We utilize the Challenger Approach we provide high-performance sales execution.

Enterprise Software | Alliances and Partnerships | Sales Planning | Sales Execution | Contract Negotiations | Business Analytics and Data Visualization | Employee Development and Human Capital Management Solutions | CRM Solutions | Workflow and Process Management Solutions | Solutions for Financial Services | Solutions for Higher Education | Solutions for Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare | Solutions for Transportation | CRM Solutions | Customer Success Solutions | IOT, Smart Cities Solutions

My focus is to deliver the most productive and focused learning experience and in the 3 days we spend together and to provide you with the support and encouragement that will be the foundation for your success.

Contact me at [email protected]  860.266.3121

  • Introduction
  • The Role and Market Opportunity – Becoming the CEO of your business.
  • Analysing and Focusing on Phase 1 Success – Building a solid foundation for success, while you plan future expansion.
  • Workshop – Define the parameters and metrics for your 1st year.
  • Productivity Tools – A Practical Overview of Commercially Available Tools That Will Help You Find and Deliver for your Clients
  • Workshop – Tool set-up and testing
  • Campaign Analysis – Analyzing campaign results
  • Prospecting Process – This Section Is Designed to Develop a Repeatable “Pursuit Model”
  • Day 1 Wrap-up
  • Website Design and Development
  • Digital and LinkedIn Marketing
  • Building your Referral Network
  • Solution Focus (Example)
    • Assessment
    • Pilot
    • Coaching and Development
    • Virtual VP Sales
    • Partnership and Alliance Development
    • Advisory Services
    • Market Analysis
  • Day 1 and Day 2 Review
  • Workshop – Role Playing, Objection Handling
  • Client Communication – Best Practices, templates, examples
  • Weekly Calls – Structuring and executing weekly status calls.
  • Monthly Review – How to structure and deliver more detailed monthly status calls.
  • Review
  • Summary and Communication Planning
  • Adjorn

GrowthXceleration has been integral to our global expansion efforts.  We had sought to increase our global footprint and capture new business and partnerships before.  With Bob’s guidance and sales leadership, we were able to meet new, prospective clients that were actively evaluating solutions and we successfully closed new business by improving our knowledge of the opportunity and selection criteria.  We were able to propose and close with insight.  Bob led our selling effort, involved our team at precisely the right time.
~ Digitization and Workflow Solutions Provider

Bob is a trusted partner.  We wanted to find an experienced, proven leader that would be relentless as we expanded into the US market.  We wanted someone that would sell our solutions and the value of our brand.  Bob tirelessly prospected, qualified opportunities, and closed new clients for us.  Our company is valued at a much higher amount due to Bob’s leadership in opening the US market.
~ Cybersecurity Solutions Provider

Bob built our US Expansion Plan which drove new investment in our company.  Bob executed a full lifecycle sales and alliance plan that brought new customers and partners.  He is a trusted advisor and partner.
~ IOT, Smart Cities, Solution Provider

Our sales model relies on qualifying and optimizing resell partners and go-to-market alliances.  We selected Bob because he has valuable experience building and driving global software and services partnerships.  The work that Bob has done with partners like SAP has greatly helped accelerate growth.
~ Incentive Management Solution Provider

We evaluate hundreds of Expert applications each year.  GrowthXceleration was approved by Business Sweden in 2018 as a result of their results and customer validation they have earned.
~ US Country Manager – Business Sweden