I’m not sure there is another client that requires a higher level of preparation, execution and professional investment than GE.  Over the years, GE’s business configuration and corporate identity has changed dramatically (its start as a manufacturing company, the GE Capital years, Lean Six Sigma, and now as a innovative and growing software company).  But (at least) 3 things have never changed.  GE rewards exceptional preparation, execution, and investment from the companies that sell to and service them.

The issues of preparation and execution are obvious.  Its the issue of investment that remains a barrier to many potential vendors.  I believe that in the most productive and positive ways, GE transforms its partners and vendors.  GE is exceptionally demanding.  GE  has done more to define and improve programmatic service and support than any company I can think of.  If a company and its leadership are not (truly) open to transforming and improving operations, GE is the wrong prospect and the wrong client.   But I believe GE is one of the few global companies that measurably and consistently improve their vendors product and service quality and operational efficiency.